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We Are
Only Driven Ambitiously Bold Individuals

We ask the difficult questions, searching for answers that positively impact humanity. Through our diverse divisions we focus on one goal. Making life just a little bit easier for the common man. Here at Odabi we pride ourselves on assisting those who seek answers. By giving our customers, clients, and users the tools they need to reach their next level. We believe that only in one’s dream lies the creation to a sound future, and we will assist in any way possible.


Some Interesting Facts

Purpose & Innovation… the bond between both company and customer. Odabi thrives to seek innovative technological advancements, whilst creating opportunities for others to achieve excellence.

Working Hours

Current Projects

Lives Changed

Core Beliefs & Values

Excellence / Sustaining a high level of performance quarter over quarter. Dedicated to growth and being better than we were yesterday.

Environment / Providing a transparent environment of teamwork and trust.

Appreciation / Appreciating the value of each team member and client.

Execution / Putting plans into action and seeing them through to the end.

Integrity / Embodying proper moral temperament, even if nobody is watching.

People / Inspiring boundless confidence in what can be accomplished.

Portfolio / Bringing a portfolio of quality brands that foresee and fulfill people’s desires and needs.

Partners / Cultivating and nurturing a network of customers, clients, and partners to create mutual and enduring values.

Planet / Being a responsible corporate citizen making a difference by producing zero emissions, and manufacturing our products in the United States.

Productivity / Being a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization.

Profit / Ensuring we can operate from the income of our assets and not capital off our shareholders while being mindful of our overall responsibilities.


Our Expertise

Our skill set is focused on a number of objectives that help us build and grow the organization. However only three primary functions play major roles in our company, helping us to complete every task and building a brighter future.








Our Leadership

We believe transparent communication is integral to a company. As leaders, we need to be able to clearly and succinctly explain to our representatives everything from Odabi’s organizational goals, institutional knowledge, and specific procedures. Here at Odabi we pride ourselves on reaching our client’s goals and objectives.

La’Juan E. Payne

Founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

Armin Suljanovic

President & Chief Operating Officer

Jason E. Henderson

Chief Financial Officer

Tyrell J. Murray

Chief Treasury Officer

Ronty Saifullah

Chief Sales Officer

Akeila Tolson

Chief Creative/Communications Officer

Moses X. Singh

Chief Marketing Officer

Cordell Hayes

Co – Founder and Senior Art Director

Nels S. Dixon

Managing Director of Brand Engineering

Marquis Anderson

Managing Director of Odabi Clothing

Demetri Taylor

Managing Director of Real Estate

Will R. Smith

Managing Director of Odabi Media




Our Portfolio

At Odabi Local we are brand-engineers, that dream, explore, create and craft progressive digital experiences for our client’s and their users.


Combing creativity with efficiency to bring high quality to customer at a great price and unmatched speed.



Handcrafted by imagination.

We specialize in performance improvement. We help organizations and individuals achieve results that require a change in human behavior.


Odabi London is a made to measure and traditional bespoke tailoring service for individuals with a prestige taste and style.


Innovative street-wear brand.

Odabi Music is by artist, for artist. We believe in working with our artists to successfully build and grow their careers.


Odabi Play is the place to listen, read, and connect with our latest artist. A place created by artist, for artist.


Innovation through life itself, from surgical nano-bots to robotic prosthetic we are focusing on developing technology that will improve the quality and longevity of all lives.

Odabi Medical Association Management Services is a health care consultation and Contract Research Organization.

Your premier online cannabis community.


Ensuring ODABI operates from the income of its assets and not the capital of its shareholders.

CoolLikeDat Studios is a film production group specializing in creative visual media.


Where To Find Us